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Odoo/OpenERP EMS – Requirement of Every School

Apt management of schools these days has become quite a difficult task, kind of same as managing an enterprise or a business. Therefore an appropriate management is requisite in order to ensure smooth & hassle free functioning of the school. This purpose has been greatly resolved with the advent of School Odoo/OpenERP Education Management Software in last few years in the global market.

School Odoo/OpenERP Education Management Software is also simply termed as school administration software whose core purpose is to manage the administration of a school with its highly advanced features and attributes. The management of all the resources is done in a well centralized manner but within a single administration module. The software manages a variety of management modules like Student, Payroll, Accounting, Admin, HR as well as Inventory for a hassle free management process. Such software solutions are completely web based software solutions.

Odoo/OpenERP Services Company offers such software solutions to clients. There are several such software solutions service providers in the global market that work their heart out to offer dedicated services to the clients. One such reputed name is Serpent Consulting Services which has been providing industry’s most committed Odoo/OpenERP services to global clientele over last many years.

The services offered by Serpent Consulting Services’ Odoo/OpenERP web based software solutions includes exemplary services like user-friendly dashboards with login access, explicit features to manage Timetable, Attendance, Examinations, Grade-books, Campus News, Hostel, Library, Transportation, School Calendar, Events, and many more. Moreover the system also provides services to institution’s HR department, Finance department and others too.

Odoo/OpenERP EMS offered by Serpent Consulting Services is ready to use and supports further alterations and additions as per the user requisites.

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